Sleep Science

More than ever before, sleep optimization is gaining recognition as a crucial factor to health, wellness, daytime functioning, peak mental and physical performance, and quality of life.

Sleep Science is the study and science that helps us understand the nature of good sleep – stages of sleep and circadian rhythm, behavioral and environmental factors, psychiatric and medical influences and implications – and their impact on personal and professional performance.  Sleep science enables us to diagnose, treat and optimize for optimal sleep performance.

Dr. Singh’s unique integration of medical, psychiatric and behavioral coaching enables her to optimize sleep performance for her clients, leveraging medically evidence-based programs and whole-person approach to deliver performance maximizing results for her clients. 

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Dr. Singh’s approach combines deep Sleep Science medical expertise with real-world experience working with world-class performance organizations to produce Integrated Sleep Optimization Programs tailored to the unique needs and conditions of each individual client, optimized to their personal and professional performance objectives.

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The Science of Sleep

The circadian rhythm along with the additional effects of air travel, including jet lag and sleep deprivation, can negatively affect sports performance. This talk focuses on strategies to minimize these effects when teams travel eastward or westward to compete. The result is evidence-based scientific recommendations to hack the biological clock.