Sleep Science

Sleep science serves as a trojan horse, that you bring in to your organization for optimizing performance, and it ends up enhancing every aspect of your wellbeing.

The Why 

Top Notch peak performers operate in extremely competitive and stressful environments. The competition is equally qualified so getting that competitive edge is everything. Physical, mental and emotional conditioning is essential. Sleep directly affects every aspect of performance. Rigors of intense training, high expectations, hectic travel schedules and high-profile environments, can directly affect sleep, stress level, attentiveness and performance.  

The What

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle is a comprehensive sleep intervention and management program that is tailored towards professional sports teams, athletes, senior executives,  and other high achievers to help them obtain conditions conducive to enhance performance.

The goal- helping high achievers develop mastery over their sleep. The program is individualized to each client as sleep is a deeply personal behavior and yet is influenced by both personal conditions, as well as external (team, organizational, societal rules and schedules). The program includes working closely with such individuals, on a one-on-one basis, and training them on obtaining mastery over their minds and body to achieve their optimal sleep conditions, while mitigating other external and internal factors affecting sleep and performance

Good sleep is essential for good leadership as it enhances empathy, communication skills, and discipline

The Science of Sleep

The circadian rhythm along with the additional effects of air travel, including jet lag and sleep deprivation, can negatively affect sports performance. This talk focuses on strategies to minimize these effects when teams travel eastward or westward to compete. The result is evidence-based scientific recommendations to hack the biological clock.


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