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You concentrate on achieving Peak Performance.

Entrust us with the nightly preparation process for enhanced sleep.

We are all searching for the right answer when it comes to Sleep.

We recognize sleep is KEY for peak performance the next day, and for our mental and physical health, more than anything else

But there is too much hype and disinformation going around.

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle is the evidence-based guide to getting you there. It is a comprehensive program that gives you high quality how-to tools that enhance and optimize your sleep so you can take ownership of how you spend a third of your life.

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle is a comprehensive sleep intervention program that is tailored to athletes, athletic sports teams, large organizations, and CEO’s and other C suite executives who are aiming for success in the global world.

The program is individualized to the client as sleep is a deeply personal behavior and yet is influenced by team, organizational, and societal rules and schedules.

The variety of services offered typically fall in one of 3 categories.

Education & Keynote Speaking

Travel Optimization

Individual Sleep Coaching

Sleep Education & Keynote Speaking

Behavior change begins with knowledge, and at its most basic level, sleep education equips the audience with the fundamentals of sleep knowledge needed to get by in everyday life.

 Dr Singh’s talks on sleep science inspire and challenge the status quo by using science-based knowledge to optimize sleep and accelerate performance on the personal and team level. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in sleep and circadian science helps make these sessions interactive, interesting and understandable, compelling the audience to look and think of sleep in a way they have never done before. Her experience working with a variety of sports and organizations helps her tailor the talks to focus on the specific sleep issues that are differentially associated with different industries and sports.

Travel Optimization

Today’s elite athletes, sport teams, and c-suite executives frequently travel across multiple time zones and have to arrive alert and ready to perform optimally. Dr. Singh works closely with teams to develop travel strategies using sleep education and interventions before, during, and after travel to mitigate the effects of jet lag (circadian misalignment) and travel fatigue. The strategies are aimed both at the group level and individual level, thus ensuring success by considering the complexities of individual chronotypes and behaviors.

Individual Sleep Coaching

You spend one third of your life sleeping, why don’t you have a coach that helps you hone this skill to the maximum

Using behavioral science techniques of motivational interviewing, education and strategically enhancing environmental change with timely cues, she will help you strategically fit sleep into your busy life and help optimize it. She believes in early interventions in player/individual development via sleep health education to foster the correct sleep related beliefs and behaviors, empowering the individual client to spearhead change.

Let Us Prepare You for Enhanced Sleep

We RECOGNIZE SLEEP is key for peak performance and for mental and physical health. Coaching the “Sleep muscle” is your guide to getting there. It is a comprehensive program that provides you with HIGH QUALITY tools for enhancing and optimizing sleep. Allow us to augment and optimize how you spend a third of your life, so you have the optimal focus and energy for the remaining two thirds.