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Our Services

Dr. Singh’s evidence-based approach integrates individualized medical, psychiatric and behavioral diagnosis and coaching to improve clients’ sleep health for their optimized physical and mental performance and enhanced health and quality of life.

Dr. Meeta Singh combines her deep scientific expertise with extensive real-world experience working with world-class performance organizations to produce Integrated Sleep Optimization Programs tailored to the unique needs and conditions of individual clients to help them optimize their personal and professional performance. Dr. Singh has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic and college sports teams, as well as large organizations, CEOs and C-suite executives, all seeking to optimize their competitive performance. 

Dr. Singh’s individualized services cut through the hype and disinformation about sleep to provide evidence-based guidance to getting the sleep needed to maximize performance. She leverages behavioral science techniques of motivational interviewing, education, and strategically enhanced environmental cues to help clients fit sleep effectively into their busy lives to optimize wellness and performance. She deploys early interventions and sleep health education to engender fruitful sleep-related beliefs and behaviors, empowering clients to optimize their sleep to achieve maximized daytime performance.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Singh’s keynote presentations on sleep science inspire and challenge the status quo by using science-based knowledge to teach sleep optimization best practices that accelerate performance at both the personal and team levels. Drawing upon in-depth knowledge and experience in sleep and circadian science, these sessions are interactive, interesting and understandable, compelling the audience to look and think of sleep in a way they never have before. Dr. Singh’s experience working with an array of elite sports teams and executive organizations enables her to tailor each keynote to focus on the specific sleep challenges faced by each sport and industry. 

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Articles & Interviews

Dr. Singh is widely published and frequently featured in the science of sleep and its application to peak performance.  Dr. Singh’s articles and interviews bring sleep science research to life, combining deep scientific expertise with broad practical experience to cut through hype and misinformation and provide actionable, evidence-based guidance to help people sleep better.

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Individual Coaching

You’re a high achiever, and you spend many of your waking hours accomplishing that success. But what about your sleeping hours? Are they optimized for your needed performance? You may spend a third of your life sleeping – our coaching programs can help you develop mastery over those hours, not just your waking ones, so that you can achieve your next level of peak performance.

Peak performers often operate in extremely competitive or stressful environments. Your edge is everything. The rigors of intense training, high expectations, hectic travel schedules and high-profile situations can directly damage your sleep, stress levels, focus and performance. Physical, mental and emotional conditioning and readiness are essential, with the quality of your sleep directly affecting every aspect of your performance. To perform at your best, you need the focus and energy that optimized sleep can provide – and we can help you obtain that.

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Team Coaching

Our team coaching combines individual coaching with team-level strategies to empower the entire team to achieve peak performance, optimizing outcomes for their organization. Working directly with team leaders to monitor program success through incremental performance measurement, our team programs provide comprehensive sleep strategies, intervention and management tailored to the unique needs, individual members, specialized conditions and specific success criteria of professional athletics, senior executives and other high performing teams. 

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Travel Optimization

Today’s high performers (especially athletes, executives, and entertainers) frequently have to travel across multiple time zones for their work, and they must arrive alert and ready for optimum performance. Dr. Singh works closely with executive and sports teams to develop travel strategies using sleep education and interventions before, during, and after travel to mitigate the effects of jet lag (circadian misalignment) and travel fatigue. Her strategies target opportunities at both the team level and the individual level, ensuring success by incorporating the intrinsic complexities of individual chronotypes and behaviors as well as the extrinsic necessities of the profession.

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