Recent Work

From conference keynotes to individual and team coaching, Dr. Singh serves clients and audiences with deep expertise and evidence-based guidance that cuts through the hype and disinformation to provide actionable advice on how to optimize sleep for maximum performance.

Education & Keynote Speaking

2019 NFL Combine
Spoke at the 2019 NFL Combine in Indiana
Football Innovation Summit
Spoke at the 2019 Football Innovation Summit
PAC 12: Student Athlete Health Conference
Spoke at the 2019 Student Athlete Health Conference
Michigan Amateur Hockey Association
Spoke at the 2019 Michigan Amateur Hockey Association annual meeting
Sports Concussion Conference
Spoke at the 2019 Sports Concussion Conference
World Sleep Conference
Spoke at the 2019 World Sleep Conference regarding long-haul travel in athletes
International Conference on Sleep Disorders

Spoke at The 5th ICSD organised under the aegis of SEAASM (South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine)

Baseball Sports Medicine 2019

Spoke at the 4th Annual Baseball Sports Medicine Conference 2019

Spoke at the Sports Doctors and Athletic Trainers at PBATS (Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society) Florida Spring Training Seminar Agenda March 2018
MIT Sloan Sports
Spoke at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Meeting February 2018 “Hacking Your Biological Rhythm to Win”
NBA Combine
Spoke at 2018 NBATA Educational Program, NBA Combine May 16th 2018, Chicago
Spoke to the sports doctors and athletic trainers at the NHL annual meetings PHATS/SPHEM June 23rd, 2018 Orlando, Florida
Web Summit 2018

Spoke on a panel of experts regarding eSports, burnout in C-suite executives, and the role of tech in obtaining better sleep.

Spoke at the Sports Doctors and Athletic Trainers at PBATS (Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society) Florida Spring Training Seminar Agenda March 2018
Sports Biometrics Conference 2018
Spoke to the audience about the various sleep issues athletes can have and how to tackle them, using case studies
Major League Winter Meetings
Spoke to the physicians and athletic trainers at the Major League Winter Meetings in December of 2017 “Sleep and Athletic Performance”

We are all searching for the right answer when it comes to Sleep.

We recognize sleep is KEY for peak performance the next day, and for our mental and physical health, more than anything else. But there is too much hype and disinformation going around.

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle is the evidence-based guide to getting you there. It is a comprehensive program that gives you high quality how-to tools that enhance and optimize your sleep so you can take ownership of how you spend a third of your life.

Coaching Your Sleep Muscle

Videos & Podcasts

My keynote talks on sleep science inspire and challenge the status quo by using science-based knowledge to optimize sleep and accelerate performance on the personal and team level. Using in-depth knowledge and experience in sleep and circadian science helps make these sessions interactive, interesting and understandable, compelling the audience to look and think of sleep in a way they have never done before. My  experience working with a variety of sports and organizations helps me tailor the talks to focus on the specific sleep issues that are differentially associated with different industries and sports.