Sleep Optimization For Executives

As an executive, your career success depends on your ability to achieve peak performance in your work. You operate in highly competitive, high-stress conditions, and your focus, decision making, productivity and interpersonal skills are essential to your success and the success of your teams. Insufficient rest leads to poor judgment, lack of self-control, and impaired creativity (HBR). Sufficient sleep can speed up cognitive processing, decrease errors, and increase stamina. Top performance – and leading your organizations effectively – requires achieving mental acuity, emotional stability and physical stamina, all deeply influenced by the quality of your sleep. And you don’t have time for overhyped fads or misinformation. You need the focus, energy and resilience that optimized sleep can provide. We can help you obtain that.

Achieve Peak Executive Performance - Sleep Optimization for the C-Suite

The Science of Sleep

The circadian rhythm along with the additional effects of air travel, including jet lag and sleep deprivation, can negatively affect sports performance. This talk focuses on strategies to minimize these effects when teams travel eastward or westward to compete. The result is evidence-based scientific recommendations to hack the biological clock.