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Optimized Sleep for
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A board-certified physician and psychiatrist specializing in sleep science, Dr. Meeta Singh’s deep expertise and evidence-based approach integrates medical, psychiatric and behavioral sleep science with applied experience and individualized coaching to improve clients' abilities to achieve enhanced health, mental strength, optimized performance, and quality of life.

The Science Behind Sleep Optimization

More than ever before, sleep optimization is gaining recognition as a crucial factor to health, wellness, daytime functioning, peak mental and physical performance, and quality of life.

Dr. Singh’s unique integration of medical, psychiatric and behavioral coaching enables her to optimize sleep performance for her clients, leveraging medically evidence-based programs and whole-person approach to deliver performance maximizing results for her clients.

Dr. Meeta Singh

When it comes to performance, mental strength, and physical health, there is nothing that isn’t improved by improving your sleep.

- Dr. Meeta Singh

Individualized Services

Dr. Singh’s individualized services cut through the hype and disinformation about sleep to provide evidence-based guidance to getting the sleep needed to maximize performance. She leverages behavioral science techniques of motivational interviewing, education, and strategically enhanced environmental cues to help clients fit sleep effectively into their busy lives to optimize wellness and performance. She deploys early interventions and sleep health education to engender fruitful sleep-related beliefs and behaviors, empowering clients to optimize their sleep to achieve maximized daytime performance.

Dr. Meeta Singh

Dr. Meeta Singh

Dr. Meeta Singh is a board-certified physician and psychiatrist concentrated in the applied science of sleep. Her evidence-based approach integrates individualized medical, psychiatric and behavioral diagnosis and coaching to improve clients’ sleep health for their optimized physical and mental performance and enhanced health and quality of life.

Dr. Singh combines her deep scientific expertise with extensive real-world experience working with world-class performance organizations to produce Integrated Sleep Optimization Programs tailored to the unique needs and conditions of individual clients to help them optimize their personal and professional performance.

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Evidence-Based Guidance

From conference keynotes to individual and team coaching, Dr. Singh serves clients and audiences with deep expertise and evidence-based guidance that cuts through the hype and disinformation to provide actionable advice on how to optimize sleep for maximum performance.

Dr. Singh has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic and college sports teams, as well as large organizations, CEOs and C-suite executives, all seeking to optimize their competitive performance. Select clients include:

Royal Belgium

Thanks to Meeta we were able to navigate our way across 4 time zones from Belgium with a detailed timeline that highlighted the appropriate sleep, nap, feeding strategy in preparation for our evening game in Kazakhstan.

Meeta also outlined the need to provide a hotel room for each player that was conducive to sleeping in the daylight hours in Kazakhstan. All rooms were checked for temperature control, blackout blinds, and blue light interference.

We arrived at the game fully prepared and refreshed after our 7h 30min flight. And beat a very physically challenging team.

Richard Evans
Head of Fitness, Royal Belgium

Detroit Lions

Throughout my 50+ year career in athletic training, I have always relied on and trusted my team physicians to render exceptional medical advice and counsel.

When Detroit Lions Team Internist, Dr Mike Workings, suggested I meet with Dr. Singh in advance of an upcoming international NFL game in Europe, I eagerly agreed. After an initial interview, I quickly determined that Dr. Singh had the precise knowledge, background, and style needed to connect with not only our players, but also with our coaching staff. As I have said many times, hiring Dr. Meeta Singh as our Sleep Specialist for the Detroit Lions was the best hire I ever made as an athletic trainer!

Dean Klienschmidt
Head Athletic Trainer, Detroit Lions

Haley M. Stevens

I'm writing to express my sincere amazement in your work and contributions toward the recent World Series victory for the Washington Nationals. Sleep is, of course, a critical component of human health and recovery, but I am blown away by the precise work you are doing at Henry Ford to help the nation's athletes succeed.

Your expertise has changed the lives of many in the greater Detroit community, and I am inspired by your commitment. You have made Michigan's 11th Congressional District very proud.

Haley M. Stevens
Member of Congress

Thomas Moorstead

I first met Meeta in 2017 during Saints training camp. She was charged with a difficult task; persuading a team full of young men to make seemingly difficult lifestyle changes in order to increase performance, lower injury risk, and sustain through the gauntlet of an NFL season.

At the time, as a father of 3 young children, I was experiencing chronic fatigue. Following her presentation on caffeine, as well as our 1-on-1 consultation, I committed to significant changes. The first 3 weeks were difficult but by the time the regular season started I felt like a new person. I went on the have a career year. Her passion to improve the lives of her clients is special and I’m honored to call her my friend.

Thomas Moorstead
NFL punter

Detroit Tigers

Meeta is the best sleep specialist in all of Major League Baseball because of her process.  She listened and learned about the nuances of the grueling schedule, the overnight plane and bus travel, and the lack of days off and then devised her plan how to maximize sleep and recovery into that program.

Needless to say she hit a HOME RUN! She is a HALL OF FAMER in her field and a truly wonderful person to have on your team!

Kevin Rand
Head Athletic Trainer, Detroit Tigers


Optimize your sleep to achieve your peak performance.

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